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State Special Schools

Provides administrative oversight and support to three State Special Schools and three Diagnostic Centers in California.
Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Provides technical assistance to and monitoring of local educational agency (LEA) operated programs serving deaf and hard of hearing pupils.
Diagnostic Centers
Provides comprehensive assessments to special education students and staff development and training services to local educational agencies.
School for the Blind
Provides intensive, disability specific educational services for pupils who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind, ages 3-22.
Schools for the Deaf
Provides comprehensive educational programs to deaf and hard of hearing pupils, ages 3-22.
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  • Senate Bill 210 Webinar (added 15-Nov-2017)
    This video is the October 19, 2017, Webinar explaining Senate Bill 210, a bill that requires language assessment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, birth to five years of age.