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Adult Education

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Program Overview
A description of the California Adult Education Program and the Adult Education Office (AEO) staff directory.
Federal Grants Administration
Information for grantees regarding implementation of the Workforce Investment Act, Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy Act Section 225, Section 231, and English Literacy and Civics Education Programs.
Governance & Accountability
Information and resources to help adult education and literacy providers maintain compliance with federal and state law.
Instructional Support
Support from the California Department of Education to agencies ensures that adults have the knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively as citizens, workers, parents, and family and community members.
Information, reports, news bulletins, useful resources for program development and implementation, and links to additional resources.
Helpful information for students in adult education or prospective adult education students.
Directory of Schools
A directory for local literacy providers or programs of special interest; the directory allows customized searches by region, city, program, or other unique features.
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