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Charter Schools

Public schools that may provide instruction in any of grades K-12 that are created or organized by a group of teachers, parents, community leaders or a community-based organization.
Administration & Support
Information about charter school funding model options, funding opportunities, and funding determinations for non-classroom-based instruction.
Announcements & Current Issues
Current and upcoming events, time-sensitive issues, and hot topics.
Laws, Regulations, & Policies
State and federal legislation, laws and regulations, and policy guidance for charter schools.
Information about obtaining a charter school number; questions and answers about charters; and other state, federal, and private resources.
Recently Posted in Charter Schools
  • Charter School Closures List Fiscal Year 2016-17 (XLS) (added 22-Feb-2017)
    This is a list of Charter Schools that have closed with notifications submitted to the California Department of Education, Charters Schools Division, for the Fiscal Year 2016-17.
  • PCSGP RFA 2016-17 Round 2 (added 09-Feb-2017)
    Request for applications for round two of the Public Charter Schools Grant Program Planning and Implementation Grant.